Computing Intent

Computing has become one of the most important aspects of the current world. In order to succeed in their lives, children will require a great understanding of computing and computers. Here at Ditton, we teach children not only how to confidently use and utilise computers and technology, we also teach the correct use of these technologies. During our lessons we provide the opportunities for children to explore technology, expand their understanding of it and create using a range of programmes and hardware. Whilst learning how to use and control computers, we also learn how to use them in a respectful and safe way. E-Safety is core in all topics and is recalled at the most appropriate times and (linking to our school values) we also teach children to look after their property and treat them and others with respect.

Computing now runs through most lessons and ICT is used to enhance the learning of other lessons, both core subjects and foundation. During these lessons, we re-enforce skills and utilise the learning from our computing lessons, allowing children to see the benefits of ICT and have real world experience for using and applying it.

The school is well equipped with a class set of laptops and iPads. We also are building our external hardware, such as BeeBots and other “programmable toys”. Each room is equipped with a large touch screen television, allowing teacher to demonstrate correctly to children and allowing teachers to display children’s work in lesson via links to our iPads. We strive to use ICT to communicate with parents, via apps and social media.

Knowledge Organisers can be found below for all Computing units across Key Stage 1 and 2.