Wrap Around Care


Breakfast club runs from 7.45am till 8.35am.

It is open to all children within the school from reception to year 6. 

Children are dropped off and signed in by parents at the school hall.

The children are offered a choice of breakfast options which usually include: toast, fruit, selection of cereal, yoghurt, juice, milk, water and on a Friday brioche and chocolate chip brioche are included on the menu as a treat.

Children are seated at a table that has a selection of toys, games and colouring on for the children to play with. Children are then supervised to class when school starts. 



Night owls is open from 3.20pm until 6pm every night.

It is open to all children within the school from reception to year 6.

Children booked into night owls are escorted by staff to the club at the end of the school day.

Night owls have a wide selection of games, toys, colouring, reading books, iPad and a television to keep them entertained.

Children are given a choice of snacks which typically include: cheese & crackers, cereal bars, fruit, yoghurts, cheese strings and other healthy options, a selection of juices, milk and water are also available.

If your child requires a special diet or favourite food, Please inform a member of staff so that alternatives can be offered.

Children are to be collected from the dinner hall by a parent or named adult over 16. 



Both breakfast club and night owls are run by teaching assistants and mid-day supervisors within the school. We believe as a school this gives a personal approach as the children know the staff and are comfortable with the familiar face of the staff. The staff are also familiar with each child's personalities. 



Breakfast club is charged at £2 a day per child.

Night owls is charged on a two tier system depending on pick up time:

3.20pm-4.30pm is £5 a night per child or 3.20pm-6pm is £10 a night per child.



We currently accept the following payments: via the School Gateway app, government childcare account or student finance. Payment must be made in advance. 



All bookings are to be made via the School Gateway app before midnight the day before.  In case of emergency please contact the school office.