At Ditton, we recognise and highlight the value of Science. We endeavour to show pupils the place of Science in the world and its connections with everyday life, processes, methods, developments and innovations. Developing investigational skills and inquisitiveness in pupils is at the heart of our Science teaching and learning – we want pupils to combine this with relevant knowledge, enabling them to become effective scientists with their own ideas, higher level thinking and curiosity. 


Knowledge Organisers and Medium Term Plans
For each science topic taught, we have Knowledge Organisers. These provide specific details of the content of each science topic. The organisers indicate whether the topics are biology, chemistry or physics related. They give details of the facts the children need to know and understand in the order they will be taught, together with any specific vocabulary. These are shared with the children and are referred to throughout topics. To view any of our Knowledge Organisers, please click on the links below.
Animals Including Humans
Earth and Space
Living Things and Their Habitats