At Ditton, we lead an enquiry based approach which engages pupils to become curious and want to learn about the past. Throughout their time at Ditton Primary, children will be taken on a journey that will equip them with information about historical events and give them an understanding of how these have impacted on our lives today. Year upon year, children will build upon their knowledge and skills and deepen their understanding of the world around them.

Through the history curriculum, children are encouraged to question why and how, and to research, using a range of sources to find out these answers. When children come to the end of their learning journey at Ditton Primary, they will have a breadth of knowledge that will allow them to evaluate what may happen in the future and will have a range of historical vocabulary to prepare them for later life and learning.

As with other subjects, lessons will cover objectives from the National Curriculum but teachers plan their curriculum creatively, linking objectives into current topics and real-life contexts to inspire learning. We will supplement the curriculum through visitors, workshops and educational visits to provide children with learning that sticks.

Long Term Planning

We teach our History in topics. History topics usually last for half a term but History is not taught every term due to our rolling programme.

An overview of our School Curriculum can be found on the Curriculum page of our website. Please look for our Long Term Planning document. Below is the information contained within our Long Term Planning document about our History Curriculum.
Below is a more detailed overview of our History Curriculum. 

Knowledge Organisers
For each History topic taught, we have Knowledge Organisers. These provide specific details of the content of each History topic. The organisers give details of the facts and information the children need to know and understand, in the order they will be taught, together with any specific vocabulary. These are shared with the children and are referred to throughout topics. To view any of our Knowledge Organisers, please click on the links below.

Learning Overviews
Each half term teachers produce Learning Overviews. These give details of everything being taught in a half-term. These Learning Overviews are published on our Class Pages of this website.

Please note, due to our rolling programme of Learning Themes, not every Foundation Subject is taught every half-term. However, be the end of each academic year, all the necessary content will have been covered by each year group.