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The following page contains details of our Computing Curriculum. Click on the icons to access the relevant documents.

The subject of Computing has never been more relevant or useful to pupils, than now. When you think about the world, there are hardly any elements of it that don’t use some form of information technology. Children need to learn how to use it effectively and safely.

At Ditton, we cover the required objectives of the National Curriculum to ensure pupils’ learning is comprehensive and teach them how to be safe when using it. Like in other subjects, objectives are delivered in creative ways, within our theme linked curriculum and where possible real life contexts and cross-curricular links are incorporated. Computing is embedded in other subjects and pupils have regular opportunities to use ICT in daily lessons to enhance their learning. The school is very well equipped with each classroom featuring large touch screen televisions linked to PCs and Ipads, a computer suite for lesson use with PCs and laptops, an additional set of laptops for learning in class and two sets of class Ipads. ICT is used to share pupils learning with parents and homework clubs allow the use of computers for pupils outside of lessons.

Long Term Planning

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