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We have reorganised the information contained in our Home Learning section. If you hover over the Home Learning button to the left of this screen, you will see a number of sub menus. These will take you to the relevant pages of our Home Learning webpages. 

How can I teach my child during the school closure?

You don't have to be an education expert to help your child carry on their studies at home. At the start of the school closure we provided all of our pupils with a range of learning resources in our Home Learning Packs and links to suitable online resources. These resources cover content that your child will already have some understanding of from previous lessons at school or that are relevant to their current abilities. More recently we have started to email Home Learning tasks to parents and carers of Year 1 - Year 6 pupils every Monday morning. Our Reception children will continue to receive their activities via the Tapestry app, 

Parents and carers ultimately have the responsibility for ensuring that their children complete tasks. It is advisable to get children into a routine. Share this routine with your child. We provide a suggested daily timetable each week.  Children often are better prepared to follow a routine that is clearly set out and adhered to. Children should be provided with a suitable, quiet place to study and adults should be prepared to offer support or advice when necessary.

There is an expectation that your child completes a range of activities each day.  Obviously, the age of your child will determine the amount and range of work we would expect them to complete. As such, we have drawn up a recommended timetable for you to follow during the school closure, depending on the year group your child is in. Details of these timetables can be found within the weekly Home Learning information emailed to you.

As well as the weekly Home Learning updates, we have included a variety of web links that should take you to suitable web pages (See the Useful Webpsites sub menu)..Some web sites are currently offering free access to content that would normally be a subscription service. The links include online content and games as well as printable resources that will supplement the information supplied in your child's Home Learning pack. 

We have set up a Year Group email service whereby parents and carers (not children) can email their child's teachers. Emails will be checked by the teachers from specific year groups. It would be helpful to add your child's name  in the subject box so the relevant teacher can respond.  These email addresses can be used to share weekly writing tasks or to ask a question about something. Details of these can be found on the 'Contacting Us'  section of our Home Learning menu.. It may be necessary for your email to be read by another member of staff if teachers become ill. Please note, emails will usually be responded to during our normal working hours. 

Let us know how you are getting on at home using Twitter

School may be out but learning is still on! Send us photos of your amazing English, Maths, project work etc, done at home and show the world how outstanding you are! Mention us @DittonPS and use #DittonHomeLearning so we can retweet and share. We look forward to being wowed!

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Final Word

As we move into this unchartered and uncertain situation, we hope you will continue to support us in ensuring children continue to receive an uninterrupted education. Please remain safe and follow advise given from the Government and medical professionals.

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