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The Governoring Body is made up of the following people:

Dr. Denise Lee (Chair of Governors)

Mrs Emma Fenton (Interim headteacher)

Mr Carl Cagliarini (Parent Governor)

Andrew Lynch (Staff Governor)

Mr Mike Rowley (Parent Governor)

Kevin Whitaker (Co-opted Governor)

Nikki Edwards (Co-opted Governor) 


Governor Information

Denise Lee

I have been a co-opted governor at Ditton Primary school since 13/10/2015, I have 3 children currently in the school. My current responsibilities as governor include Maths Link Tutor and  Resource and Curriculum committee member. 

I went to Ditton Primary School when I was younger and Wade Deacon High School. I was then lucky enough to go onto complete a Masters Degree in Civil Engineering followed by a PhD in Structural Fire Engineering. Currently I work as a Senior Lecturer in Civil Engineering, As part of my work I carry out outreach work to promote civil engineering to the younger generation. Part of my role is to support students through University life where they can meet diverse challenges.

The reason I became a Governor as I believe that every child should be given the opportunity to achieve their goals regardless of their journey in life. Children should be inspired to try to be the best and we should provide an environment and opportunities for them to do so. I believe in supporting the school and staff to ensure the best outcome for all our children at Ditton Primary School. 


Carl Cagliarini

Parent Governor and I have 3 children. Two who attend Ditton Primary  and a 25-year-old son after attending, Fairfield Primary and Wade Deacon , Widnes graduated from Leeds University and now works in counter terror.

Term in office: 5 years



I am a Scientific Entrepreneur specialising in Radar, Laser guidance and Threat Detection. I work in close collaboration with several major UK Universities on technology initiatives. My work also involves work with the UK MoD and US State Department on Anti and Counter terror programs and operations. My commentaries and narratives have been aired on the BBC, CNN and within other media such as Forbes the Guardian and the New York Times. I recently sold my company Plymouth Rock Technologies USA. It has since been publicly listed and have been asked by to return as the Chief Strategy Officer to assist in growth and direction of the business.

Reasons for becoming a Governor

I believe that Parent involvement in the school is instrumental for both the school and for the children to thrive. As a parent I believe that without challenge, assumption and complacency can set a foundation for mediocrity. This is why school governance is so important, not only for the children but for education as a whole. 


Alison Campbell

Hello, my name is Alison Campbell and I am a co-opted Staff Governor at Ditton Primary School.  I am the Business Manager at the school and started this role in March 2013.

I live with my husband and four children in Huyton.  I was originally a legal secretary but having four children meant that I had to find a role that fitted in with school holidays once my children started school.  So in 2000 I found a part-time role in a secondary school.

I thoroughly enjoy my role as Business Manager.  Being both a member of staff and a governor gives me the best of both worlds as I get to know the children and parents, as well as being involved in the school.

In hindsight, I know that I did not make the right decisions when I left school.  I didn’t want to go to college, I just wanted to get a job, have some money and “grow up”.  As a parent we realise we want the best for our children and I was determined that my children would not regret any decision they made when the time came for them to leave school.

From the day my children started school I encouraged them to do their homework, read every night, do their spellings and listen to their teachers.  I would say to them “as long as you know when you walk out of that school gate at the end of the day you have done your best I will be happy”.  I told them to “grab every opportunity that school offered them because the hard work you put in now is not for me, not for your dad but for you so you can go on to college/university and do whatever you want to do in life”.

As a working parent I do understand how difficult it is to come home from work when you are tired and have other things to do and spend time helping with homework, reading, doing spellings, getting them to school on time but believe me the time you put in now with your children pays off massively.

My children are grown up now and are doing exactly what they want to do.  My eldest son has recently completed his PhD in Computer Science; my second son is a teacher.  I have twin girls, one is a Children’s Nurse at Alder Hey Hospital and the other has recently graduated with a Masters in Engineering, Maths and Science.  All the arguing, bickering and constant “nagging” as they called it has paid off.

The reason I agreed to become a Governor is because I do firmly believe that all children, no matter what background they come from, can achieve their dreams and ambitions if they work hard and have the support from home as well as school.    As a Governor and parent I would like to ensure that the children at Ditton Primary are given every opportunity to be the very best they can be.


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