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LKS2 Newsletters

Welcome to the LKS2 homepage. Here you will find information for our  Year 3 and Year 4 classes.

​​LKS2 News

We have been impressed with how the children have settled in to the new school year and hope this enthusiasm continues throughout the year.


This year, many of our lessons will be based on our topic themes. There will be will be a new topic theme each half-term. These topics will have either a science, history or geography theme. We will upload our topic plans each half-term.


Each half-term we will send a newsletter home and don't forget we update our Twitter page most weeks.


Each week, as well as reading homework, we ask the chiildren to complete a homework task. This is usually completed in their blue homework books but on occasions we may send additional maths or English activities.

We have also provided all children in years 3 and 4 with a log-in account for Times Table Rock Stars.  This website allows children time to practice their times table facts. We would ask that children log-in and complete the online activities at least once a week. For those children who do not have access to the internet at home, we offer our homework club which takes place after school on a Tuesday. . Children can come along and use the school computers to log-in to their account or simply get help from one of our staff in completing their homework tasks.

The shortcut below will take you to the log-in page.



Year 3 - Mr Linaker and Mrs Adamson

Our first topic this year is called, 'There's No Place Like Home'. It has a geography focus and the children will be finding out about the United Kingdom and in particuler our home town of Widnes.  They will develop their understanding of maps and use atlases and online maps to find out about our local area. There will be an opporunitiy to explore our local community as well as finding out a little bit about the history of Widnes.

In English, we will be talking about traditional tales and our class book will be 'The True Story of the Three Little Pigs. In this story, we will hear the wolf's side of this famous tale. We will go on to write our own traditional tale with a twist to the plot. Later this half-term we will use what we have learnt about Widnes in our topic lessons to create a brochure that provides information about our town.

In maths, our lessons will focus on place value, addition and subtraction, We will look at understanding the value of each digit in numbers and compare and order numbers with upto four digits. Our aim is for the children to be able to apply their knowledge and understanding to solve a variety of problems.

In science, our topic this half-term is 'Forces'. We will be finding out what forces are and how objects can be moved on different surfaces. There will be opporunities for children to carry out practical investigations during their exploration of forces. 

Remember, further details of all our topic work can be found in our half-termly planning documents which can be found on our website.

Year 3 Topic Planning

Year 4 - Mrs Dryhust and Mr Ellis

We are excited to begin the year in Year Four, on our topic of ‘Water, Water’. This topic will have a lead focus on Geography and will highlight the subject and its links with other areas. The children will be learning more about the River Mersey, using a variety of maps to plot its course and spot its features. We will do field work investigations on water around school and have an exciting project on creating our own model streams, to investigate.


In English, we will be begin with a narrative unit on story settings using the water linked story ‘Storm’. Children will develop their use of fronted adverbials to add detail to writing and improve their accuracy with the use of speech punctuation. Our second book is ‘The Mousehole Cat’ – a story linked to the sea, from which the children will focus on letter writing skills, extending their vocabulary through ambitious word choices and employing a range of punctuation and further clause types, such as relative clauses. Children will continue to develop comprehension skills in Guided Reading sessions and they should be encouraged to discuss what they read at home.


Our focus in Mathematics will begin on number and place value work, practising Roman Numerals, rounding numbers, working with thousands, comparing and ordering numbers and learning about negative numbers. We will be applying these skills in problems. Next, we will be furthering our calculating knowledge with addition and subtraction work on 4 digit numbers and selecting efficient methods to calculate.


Science work will link closely with our water topic, exploring states of matter and changes around these. These will be linked to the water cycle and our work on rivers. Computing work will develop children’s use of search tools, researching water linked artists and discussing safe usage. We will then use computer programs to present information children have found out. Art will continue by using the water linked artists we have researched, but we will be exploring their techniques and trying some ourselves. Following on with the water theme, will be our Music work, where we will create and use instruments using water. This should be fun and maybe a bit wet! Our PE this half term will be taught by external judo specialists. The children always enjoy these sessions.


We will keep you posted on any additions or changes.

Year 4 Topic Planning


All children are provided with a reading book and a Reading Record book. We expect all children to read and have their Reading Record Books signed at least 3 times a week. We aim to recognise those pupils who read regularly and reward their efforts. Reading books and record books should be returned to school each day.

We also set weekly homework tasks for children to complete. These tasks will be sent home on a Friday and should be completed and returned to school by the following Wednesday. Tasks could include, English, maths, science or topic activities. A range of activities will be provided that cater for the differing learning styles of our children.

We hope to see all our children returning their homework books to school each week and will reward them accordingly. Some children clearly put a lot of effort into their work and produce some work that they are proud of. You may spot some of these pieces of work on our Twitter page.

As part of our reviewed Reward System, only those children completing all their homework and reading tasks will be able to gain their full 30 minutes of Golden Time on a Friday afternoon.

Please help your child by ensuring they complete tasks to a satisfactory standard and return them on time. We may ask children to complete some tasks at break/lunchtimes if they are not completed at home. School offers a lunchtime homework club for children in Years 3 and  4 on a Monday.