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Welcome to the LKS2 homepage. Here you will find information for our  Year 3 and Year 4 classes.

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We have been impressed with the children’s attitudes towards our topics over the year so far and hope this enthusiasm continues in our final term.


Once again, many of our lessons will be based on our topic themes. In both years 3 and 4 these topics this term have a food focus.

Year 3 - Mrs Adamson, Mr Lynch and Mrs Williams

This terms topic is ‘How Does Your Garden Grow?’ We are focusing on plants in science and how we effect our environment in topic lessons. We will be looking at recycling, the water cycle and finishing by looking at the rainforest. We will develop our use of maps and understanding of the world around us, using investigations and working with the local council. We will then move onto looking at different environments around the world and how we affect them. We will also look at the animals that thrive in these conditions and what makes them so adept at living there.


In English we are looking at books which have themes relating to our topic. In the ‘Great Paper Caper’ we will look at building a story from other characters perspectives. In ‘The Flower’ we will consolidate and hone our skills to describe the extraordinary world this book creates. We will also be looking at the fantastic story of ‘Jemmy Button’ and exploring the world through his eyes.


In PSHE we will look at relationships and how to build strong, positive ones with the people close to us. We will also look at how to make a positive impact on our lives through the choices we make.

Year 4 - Mrs Allen and Mr Linaker

Our Year 4 topic for the Summer term is called ‘Food, Glorious Food’. We will be finding out about the history of food in our country by comparing the types and availability of food in different decades with today. We will consider the impact of World War 2 on the food people ate during the 1940s. We will also find out about the types of things people ate in the 1980s. Later in the term, we will have a geography focus to our topic and be finding out where some of our food comes from.


Our science work will develop our understanding of teeth and our digestive system. We will also be investigating living things and their habitats.


In English we will continue to study a range of stories and other media to develop our writing skills. Our first story is a traditional tale called ‘The Wolf’s Footprint’.


All children are provided with a reading book and a Reading Record book. We expect all children to read and have their Reading Record Books signed at least 3 times a week. We aim to recognise those pupils who read regularly and reward their efforts. Reading books and record books should be returned to school each day.

We also set weekly homework tasks for children to complete. These tasks will be sent home on a Friday and should be completed and returned to school by the following Wednesday. Tasks could include, English, maths, science or topic activities. A range of activities will be provided that cater for the differing learning styles of our children.

We have been pleased with the number of children that have continued to return their homework books to school each week and have rewarded them accordingly. Some children clearly put a lot of effort into their work and have produced some work that they are proud of. You may spot some of these pieces of work on our Twitter page.

Please help your child by ensuring they complete tasks to a satisfactory standard and return them on time. We may ask children to complete some tasks at break/lunchtimes if they are not completed at home. School offers a lunchtime homework club for children in Years 3 and  4 on a Monday.