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The Governoring Body is made up of the following people. Further details, including how to contact governors, can be found in the Governoring Body 2018 - 2019 document below.

Mr Carl Cagliarini (Chair of Governors)

Miss Sue Thornton (Co-opted Governor)

Dr D Lee

Mrs Valerie Armor (Co-opted Governor)

Mrs Emma Fenton (Interim headteacher)

Vacancy  (Staff Governor)

Mrs Alison Campbell (Staff Governor)

Mrs Rachel Gannon (Parent Governor)

Ms Suzanne McMullin (Parent Governor)


Governor Information

Carl Cagliarini
Parent Governor and I have 3 children. Two who attend Ditton Primary  and a 25-year-old son after attending, Fairfield Primary and Wade Deacon , Widnes graduated from Leeds University and now works in counter terror.
Term in office: 5 years
Responsibilities & Committees - I serve as the Chair of Governors and have oversight on all school committees.
I am a Scientific Entrepreneur specialising in Radar, Laser guidance and Threat Detection. I work in close collaboration with several major UK Universities on technology initiatives. My work also involves work with the UK MoD and US State Department on Anti and Counter terror programs and operations. My commentaries and narratives have been aired on the BBC, CNN and within other media such as Forbes the Guardian and the New York Times. I recently sold my company Plymouth Rock Technologies USA. It has since been publicly listed and have been asked by to return as the Chief Strategy Officer to assist in growth and direction of the business.
Reasons for becoming a Governor
I believe that Parent involvement in the school is instrumental for both the school and for the children to thrive. As a parent I believe that without challenge, assumption and complacency can set a foundation for mediocrity. This is why school governance is so important, not only for the children but for education as a whole. 

Rachel Gannon

Co-opted Governor and I have 3 children who attend Ditton Primary School.

Term in office: 2 years from November 2017 and this is my first term.

Responsibilities & Committees I serve on: Resource committee. I'm also the link Governor for Inclusion and Pupil Premium.

I am an occupational therapist who specialises in neurological rehabilitation. Predominately working with children and adults, who have sustained a brain or spinal injury. I am responsible for the co-ordination of a number of statutory and private services, pertaining to care, support and rehabilitation. In order to regain functional independence and reintegrate an individual into the community,  to maximise their quality of life.  

I enjoy my involvement in the school as I believe that parent's contribution & support to children's education is the foundation of a happy successful life.